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Toby the Beagle!

Welcome to Toby's page!  Toby joined our household at the age of 5 months on February 22, 2008!  He was rescued, as have been all of our pets, from a neighbor unable to keep him.  Within about 3 hours, he had taken over the house.


March 1, 2009:  Toby's First Snow!  Starting last night, we received about 8-9" of fluffy snow!  Toby loved it! 

12/28/2008:  Toby is doing great!  December was an exciting month for him... his first Footmas... and his first Christmas with us!  He gets to attend Doggy Day Care about once per week which is great for him (OK, we do it because we need the break... he's worn out when he gets back... and sleeps like a brick... but he doesn't need to know that!).  Sleeping is interesting... I've never heard a dog snore so loud!

09/09/2008:  Happy 1st Birthday Toby!  And what a year it's been!  He's happy, healthy and enjoying himself.  He's also huge.  Almost 40 pounds!!  We're halfway through "puppy stage".  No major damage... but we still keep a close eye on him.  To celebrate his birthday, Toby's going to Doggy Daycare for a day of playtime with his friends!

07/26/2008:  OK, Doggy Day Care really rocks!  Toby's been attending Four Paws Doggy Day Care here in Chesterfield County a couple days a week.  And he's been doing great... he's graduated to the big doggie's.  Somewhat surprising, they have a large number of beagles that are often at day care, so he gets to run with his own herd!  For us, he's exhausted and happy when he comes home... which means we get attacked less!  It's a win win for all!

07/15/2008:  Wow!  Weigh-in time!  34.5 pounds!!  That's a 15 pound increase in less than 5 months!  Toby's developing great.  As a Bent Leg Begale... it's interesting compared to Bob.  He's longer, but shorter.  His legs are stockier.  And he loves to show off!  He's rolling right through puppy-hood!  Last weekend, we dropped him off at a doggy day care center.  We're working on his dog to dog socialization skills.  He's very skittish wish other dogs that are his size or slightly larger... fine with smaller dogs.  It's normal for pups, but the socialization is important... so his first 4 hour day care session was spent with dogs smaller, to build his confidence.  The last hour, a couple dogs his size were introduced... and he did great.  It's just a process... but shortly, he'll ve hanging out with dogs his size and larger and not be uncomfortable.  Very cool!

07/07/2008:  Toby graduated beginner training classes at PetSmart tonight!  Thanks to Angela, we Toby learned lots of new things!  It was a lot of fun, great class-mates.  After 8 weeks, Toby actually can sit, down, come when called, come while I'm hiding, and "leave it". Angela, and PetSmart did a great job... it was a fun 8 weeks for all!

05/26/2008:  Toby's first Memorial Day.  Right now, he's curled up against me, snoring loudly as I update this page.  Toby's had his first two obedience classes, although we're waiting for what he's learned to kick in.  Overall, he's doing great!

4/28/2008:  Man this puppy is growing!!  He's doing great!  During our trip to San Francisco, Toby went to a doggy camp and resort.  According to his report card, he was great, had a blast... and "fell in love" on 3 different occasions!  Not sure exactly what that means, but it can't be bad!  He's been "fixed" and all is well!  Toby starts doggy obedience class on May 12... much needed!

3/08/2008:  Tomorrow's my 6 month birthday and rumor has it I'm getting a new crate to sleep in!  I'm great with my crate!

3/01/2008:  My first official Mike & Terry sanctioned vet visit!  OK, the vet says I'm perfect, and the office girls actually argued over my next appointment because they want to see me again.  I rock!  Oh, then Mike took me to the dog park where I got to meet some new dogs and play.  I've slept all afternoon!

2/24/2008:  My first trip to PetSmart!  I was awesome!  No in-store accidents, either!  I was a little nervous at first, but within about 10 minutes, I was having fun... and picked out my own toys!  I got my own custom dog tag in case my owners get lost.  I was also fascinated by the ride in the truck.  I'm not thrilled with the leash thing yet... not sure what's up with that.

2/22/2008:  I have arrived in Mike & Terry's house.  The takeover has begun.  20 Pounds.  Five months.  Paws:  Huge.  Just wait.

9/9/2007:  I entered the world! 

Look Ma! 3 Balls! No thumbs!

Toby creates a winter wonderland, courtesy of a couch pillow... and he's so proud! (12/2008)

Toby inspects his gifts during his first Christmas! (12/2008)

Toby finds a new stick!

Toby in the yard.

Toby's First Birthday!

Toby times 3.

Sunrise shot... let me in!

Keeping an eye on the yard.

Toby and Murphy battling for ice cubes. (07/08)

Brandy playing with Murphy and Toby. (07/08)

Daniel and Murph. (07/08)

Mike and Murphy. (07/08)

Murphy - chillin' on the a/c vent... apparently that's what St. Bernard's do!! (07/08)

Toby and Murphy taking a water break. (07/08)

Toby in July '08... 34.5 pounds... and getting very long! (07/08)

Toby hanging in his yard one morning in July. (07/08)

Mike & Toby working a training routine.

One of Toby's favorite classmates... Cheyenne.

Toby listening to Angela, his teacher... or completely distracted by something or anything going on in the store.

Class Shot! (And after each class, the owners were ready for a shot!)

Angela presents Toby his certificate and a gift bag of bones. I actually held the stuff, 'cause, well, Toby doesn't have hands.

Angela (a great and fun trainer!), Toby and Mike.

Toby and Terry in the hammock. (05/08)

Toby on the deck! (05/08)

Mike & Toby... and his favorite toy! (05/08)

Mike & Toby (05/08)

Mike & Toby (05/08)

Toby napping. (04/08)

Nice and comfy! (04/08)

Mmmm. Saggy beagle lips! (04/08)

Web cam shot of Terry in Toby's crate! (04/08)

How can you resist?! (3/08)

Terry's laptop was eaten immediately after this picture. (3/08)

Toby takes a nap. The people get a break. (3/08)

Toby and a few of his toys. (3/08)

Hey. Let me in. Now. (3/08)

Terry gets couch time with Toby. (3/08)

Huge paws! (3/08)

I can bend backwards! (3/08)

Bone time! (3/08)

Love rawhide!! (3/08)

I even look good in black and white! (3/08)

Hangin' with Mike! (3/08)

Nap time! I nap a lot! (3/08)

Yup, all teeth!

My first hours at my new home!

I lick. A lot. (Toby, not Terry.)

Toby and Terry. Day One.

Mike and Toby... at a calm moment.

Yeah. I'm hot.

I eat anything.

I like my toys.

I'm Toby!

My side view.

I found a towel.

I found Terry!

I still like the towel.

OK, I like Terry too.

Mike introduces me to the neighbor dogs. Alley is my new girlfriend. The fact that she's a huge golden retriever doesn't bother me.

Me and Mike.

I'm being nice right now... the attack comes soon.

A little sugar always catches them off guard.

Mmmm... nose.

Did I mention that I'm Looooong?

... and I bite. Hard?!

Nap time!

But naps are better when I'm on Mike's face!

Yeah, this works!

My first picture!

I rule.



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